While my ceramics reference utilitarian objects, my vessels are more concerned with contemplation than functionality. In developing each asymmetrical work, I am guided by the interaction of volume and line, which – in unison — create a narrative.

Though apparently random, my irregular constructions result from variances intentionally introduced at the base of each pot during the initial phase of my hand-building process. From the slight divergences at the base, upon which I coil-build each piece, a uniquely organic – yet “predetermined” – shape emerges.

As my creation closes in along the open rim of each vessel, I introduce a more fanciful, yet deliberate, edge or line to finish the piece. The tension and dialogue this edge creates between line and volume aim to tells a story.

My surface treatments of each pot further seek to highlight and complement the work’s narrative contour.

One Comment on “Statement”

  1. John Bullard says:

    How would I purchase one of your Asymmetry pots?

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